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ON HOLIDAY: 05/12 - 05/29

There will be no shipping between these dates.

Please place all orders by:

5/11 @ 11:59 PM ET

All orders placed during the dates of 5/12 through 5/29 will not be processed to ship until after 05/29. Processing & shipping IS NOT based on your order date at this time.

Please allow 7 - 14 business days, starting from 05/29, for your order to processed and shipped during this time.

Please add "rushed shipping + date needed by", in the '+ add order notes' section of your shopping cart, if you need your package shipped out immediately after 05/29.

If you have any questions, please view the FAQ page.

If you cannot find the answer you are looking for under the frequently asked questions, please do not hesitate to reach out through the contact form located on the same page as the FAQ.

All inquiries placed during these dates will be responded to in the order that they were received after 5/29.

If you are experiencing package delivery issues, please contact the carrier used to ship to your package. The postal carrier can be located in your tracking confirmation email.

Please be sure to check your promotions or spam folder in your email for all notices from Ordinary SelenophileÂŽ



🚫 NO REFUNDS, EXCHANGES, OR RETURNS after your order has been placed, packaged up, ready to ship and / or delivered. 🌈🦋🌻 

Order Cancellations: Orders must be canceled within 10 minutes of your purchase. Please be sure to contact through the following link: CONTACT FORM , within 10 minutes after your purchase, with your: name, order number, and the reason for the cancellation. If contacted regarding a cancellation after 10 minutes, your order will not be canceled. This is to be expected. 

TIPS FOR SHOPPING AT ORDINARY SELENOPHILE: Before purchasing any item, please be sure to read the approximate measurements in the descriptions of each item, as well as all the drop down menus & policies located underneath the description of the items, to ensure there is no information missed.

If you have any questions about an item before purchasing, please contact through the contact form, located in the menu bar, with all questions you may have regarding an item

Due to all garments being handmade, they are to be considered ‘one of a kind’ as no two garments will be identical. Please do note that the measurements provided are approximate. Due to the approximate measurements, disclaimers & policies being included in the descriptions of all items, there are no refunds, exchanges or returns, for these reasons. 

GIFT, DONATE, RESELL: If an item does not work out for you, please do not hesitate to:

• Gift the item away

• Donate the item to an organization in need- please remember that most thrifts stores are overfilled and items donated may end up in the landfill. If choosing to donate, please reach out to the organization you will be donating to, to ensure they are not full, to help prevent waste.

• Or you can resell the item on a third party selling app 

♻️ This helps to keep items & waste out of the landfill one day at a time. 

FLAWS: Although most garments at Ordinary Selenophile are handmade ethically sourced slow sustainable fashion, that does not mean garments may not be delicate. Please handle each item with care. 

Imperfections that ARE NOT to be considered ‘flaws’ include, but are not limited to:  

• Loose Threads 

• Pin Holes / Price Tag or Vending Tag Pin Holes 

• Transparancy of an item

• Garments not being identical to the picture- due to items being handmade slow sustainable fashion, items are to be considered ‘one of a kind’ - the pictures are only used for reference to show the style & fit of the garment

• Faded Colors 

• Colors not being as bright as the pictures - due to the lighting conditions at the time of all pictures, as well as all monitors portraying different colors, Ordinary Selenophile cannot guarantee that the color you see accurately portrays the true color of the item.  

• Different patterns, colors & placements  

• Any flaw to a garment after it has been worn

• Colors Varying 

• Garments not fitting you correctly - please refer to all the approximate measurements, per each garment, in their descriptions underneath the pictures. 

• Holes smaller than a pencil eraser

• Fabrics being uncomfortable

• Overlooking descriptions & policies

• Markings smaller than a pencil eraser, etc.

All garments are thoroughly checked for flaws. With that being said, flaws can be missed at times. Due to the garments being handmade, and most made out of recycled fabrics, minor imperfections may occur and are to be expected.

If there is a flaw with your garment, that is not stated above in the ‘imperfections that are not considered flaws’ list, please contact through the contact form in the menu bar within 24 hours of your package being delivered.  We will discuss the flaw and further exchange options.

Please note that if, and only if, an exchange or reimbursement is discussed or given, that is up to my discretion only and it will vary on a case per case basis. There is no guarantee you will be able to exchange or be reimbursed. If, and only if, a reimbursement is discussed, as well as given, it will be given in the form of store credit only by a virtual gift card. Please note that your inquiry may not be accepted for an exchange or reimbursement for store credit - this is to be expected. 

Please be sure to read all descriptions, policies and drop down menus of each item before purchasing to ensure there was not information that was overlooked or missed. Thank you for understanding. 

LOST / STOLEN / DAMAGED / DELAYED PACKAGES: If items are lost, stolen, damaged, or delayed during shipping, the shipping provider is responsible for the correct compensation once they have left my possession. If the tracking number does not say ‘Delivered’ and the package has been in transit for some time, please contact through the contact form located in the menu bar. I will contact the shipping provider for you to inquire about the package & potentially filing a missing package report depending on the information they provide me with. This is only for packages that do not state delivered on the tracking number! 

IF YOUR TRACKING NUMBER STATES IT WAS DELIVERED HOWEVER YOU DID NOT RECEIVE YOUR PACKAGE: If your package tracking number states it was delivered to you, however you have not received it, you as the receiver are responsible for contacting your local shipping provider to find out where they have left your package. The postal service that was used to ship your package can be located in your tracking confirmation email. (USPS, UPS, FEDEX, etc). 

All shipping providers have a precise GPS location, of where your package was delivered to, that they will be able to provide to you.

If you believe your package was stolen, you must contact your local shipping provider to put a hold on all deliveries to your address, as well as contact your local authorities, to report mail fraud. 

There are no refunds from Ordinary Selenophile for lost, stolen, damaged or delayed packages. The shipping provider must be contacted for the correct compensation as all packages are insured for this reason. 

Please DO NOT file a missing package claim with your shipping provider until you have spoken to them directly. This helps to prevent any potential fraudulent claims as you can be fined for making a fraudulent claim. Your local shipping provider will be able to provide you with more answers as well as the following steps to take. 

Thank you so much for understanding.