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ON HOLIDAY: 05/12 - 05/29

There will be no shipping between these dates.

Please place all orders by:

5/11 @ 11:59 PM ET

All orders placed during the dates of 5/12 through 5/29 will not be processed to ship until after 05/29. Processing & shipping IS NOT based on your order date at this time.

Please allow 7 - 14 business days, starting from 05/29, for your order to processed and shipped during this time.

Please add "rushed shipping + date needed by", in the '+ add order notes' section of your shopping cart, if you need your package shipped out immediately after 05/29.

If you have any questions, please view the FAQ page.

If you cannot find the answer you are looking for under the frequently asked questions, please do not hesitate to reach out through the contact form located on the same page as the FAQ.

All inquiries placed during these dates will be responded to in the order that they were received after 5/29.

If you are experiencing package delivery issues, please contact the carrier used to ship to your package. The postal carrier can be located in your tracking confirmation email.

Please be sure to check your promotions or spam folder in your email for all notices from Ordinary Selenophile®


NOTE: The shipping purchased at checkout is not the time it will take for your order to be processed & shipped. The processing & shipping time frame is different than the shipping label purchased at checkout. The shipping purchased at checkout is for the estimated delivery time of a package after it has been shipped and has left the possession of Ordinary Selenophile. Please be sure to read below to see the standard processing time for all orders. Friendly reminder that holidays do affect these time frames  

If you need your order for a specific date, event, or holiday, please view the “rushed orders” page, located in the menu bar, for more details. 

Ordinary Selenophile is not responsible for your order not getting to you in time for your event if you did not place a rushed order, or if you paid for express shipping & there is a delay with the postal service. Thank you for understanding. 


DOMESTIC SHIPPING 📦: All orders will be shipped out from Ordinary Selenophile within 7-14 business days (does not include Saturday & Sunday). Please see below the estimated delivery time for a package once it has left my possession. Holidays will affect these time frames.

NOTE: The shipping purchased during checkout (first class • priority mail• priority mail express) is the estimated delivery time after the package has been dropped off to the post office. Please allow some time for all packages to update in the postal system once shipped. 



USPS First Class: 3-5 business days 

USPS Priority Mail: 2-4 business days 

USPS Priority Mail Express: 1-3 business days

UPS Next Day Air: 1-2 business Days 

RUSHED ORDERS / RUSHED SHIPPING• DOMESTIC ONLY: Please view theRushed Orderpage, located in the menu bar, for more details. All music festival orders must be placed as a rushed order, even if purchasing ahead of time before the festival order deadlines. 

ORDER CANCELLATIONS: You can cancel your order within 10 minutes after your purchase. Order cancellations within 10 minutes will be refunded and credited back to the original card used to purchase.

If choosing to cancel your order, please contact through the contact form (located in the menu bar) with your name, order number and the reason for the cancellation.

Please note that if your order has been processed, packaged up and is ready to ship, youcannot cancel your order.

If contacted after the 10 minutes period regarding cancellations, your cancellation will not be accepted. This is to be expected.

INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING 📦 Please note that the shipping rates at checkout are standard real time postal rates based off of the weight of the entire package and location of where the package is being delivered to. Shipping rates for international packages can vary often.

The shipping rates at checkout are standard shipping rates that are subject to change therefore if shipping is less than what you paid for at checkout, you will be refunded the shipping difference. 

DUTIES • TAXES • POSTAL FEES ARE NOT AVAILABLE AT CHECKOUT & WILL BE DUE UPON THE DELIVERY OF YOUR PACKAGE - international only.❌ These fees will vary per country. The buyer is responsible for calculating any duties, taxes or postage fees, prior to your purchase being made, that will be due upon the delivery of your package. Please purchase responsibly with this knowledge. There will be 🚫no refunds🚫 for the refusal of a package upon delivery. 

All international orders will be shipped out from Ordinary Selenophile within 7-14 business days (does not include Saturday and Sunday). 

Holidays will affect these time frames. 

NO THIRD PARTY PURCHASES: If you live in a country located outside of the United States, or if you are located in the United States, and you place an order from one country, however the shipping address, as well as billing address, is located in another country, your order will be canceled.

If you make a purchase from Ordinary Selenophile to gift to someone who lives outside of your origin country, you must have the package shipped to you. You can then take the package to your local delivery office and purchase a new shipping label through them to ship the package to the country that you are sending the gift to. There will be absolutely no third party orders allowed.

WRONG ADDRESS: Please contact through the 'Contact' form so it can be changed. ('Contact' form can located in the menu bar).

Addresses can only be changed for packages that have not been shipped. Most packages will return back to me, the sender, if the address is wrong. If that is the case I will reship the package out to you with the correct address once it has been returned to me. Please note a fee will apply if a new shipping label has to be purchased. 

LOST / STOLEN / DAMAGED / DELAYED PACKAGES: Once a package has left my possession the shipping provider is responsible for the package. All packages are insured in the event that it is lost, stolen, damaged, or delayed.

If packages are lost, stolen, damaged, or delayed during shipping, please contact your local shipping provider for more details. (Examples of shipping providers: USPS, UPS, FEDEX, DHL, etc.) The shipping provider used for your specific package can be found in the shipping confirmation email along with your tracking number. All shipping providers have a location on their websites to find a local facility phone number and address. 

DELAYED PACKAGES: Postal delays can happen at times. Please do allow some time for all packages to be delivered once it has been shipped. If the tracking number does not say ‘Delivered’, and the package has been in transit for for 10 business days or longer, please contact through the ‘Contact’ form, located in the menu bar. I will contact the shipping provider for you regarding this matter. Please note that this is only for packages that do not say delivered on the tracking number. 

IF THE TRACKING NUMBER STATES ‘DELIVERED’ HOWEVER YOU HAVE NOT RECEIVED IT: The shipping provider used to ship your package is responsible for the package once it has left the possession of Ordinary Selenophile. You, as the buyer, are responsible for contacting your local shipping provider regarding this matter. 

The information regarding which shipping provider, that was used to ship your package, can be found in your shipping confirmation email. (Examples of shipping providers: USPS, UPS, FEDEX, DHL, etc). Please view the shipping providers website and search your local location with your zip code to locate your local shipping providers phone number and address to your local shipping facility. 

Please note that there are times when postal services mark packages as delivered before they have been delivered. Please allow a 1-2 business day grace period for your package to be delivered. If your package has still not been delivered after the 1-2 days, please contact your local shipping provider.

If you are unable to locate your local shipping providers phone number, or address, please contact through the contact form stating you cannot locate it and I will provide you with their phone number and address. It is then your responsibility to get in contact with them regarding this matter. 


Each shipping provider has an exact GPS location of where your package was delivered to. They will be able to show you in person, or tell you over the phone, where your package was delivered to. 

If you, as well as the local post office, believe your package was stolen, you will have to contact your local authorities to report ‘Mail Fraud’. As well, your local shipping provider must be contacted by you as they will have to put a hold on all mail deliveries to your address until the issue is resolved. 

MISSING PACKAGE CLAIMS: Please DO NOT file any claims until you have spoken with your local shipping provider directly. This ensures that the above steps have been followed, as well as ensuring that the claim being made is not fraudulent.